Winter has come and do you already know what activities you will do during winter? One of the fun activities to do is watching the best movies to watch during winter. You can enjoy some winter movies at home with warm blankets and a glass of warm milk.

Best Movies To Watch During Winter

These recommended movies are certainly not related to Christmas movies. But, you will watch a movie that will make you comfortable at home during winter. Here are the best movies to watch during winter that you won’t miss:

1. Frozen

Frozen deserves the title of one of the best-animated movies that have shades of white snow. Although the story looks cliché, Disney proves that this movie will not make viewers feel bored. The story of this movie is about Anna who tried to save Elsa who was exiled.

However, Anna must face many obstacles to saving Elsa. In addition, Elsa, the sister of Ana, still feels guilty due to the ice magic incident she created. Thus, you can enjoy this movie with your child in winter because this movie is also safe for children.

2. The Revenant

If you are a big fan of Leonardo Dicaprio, this movie is perfect for you. This movie tells the story of a man named Hugh Glass who is a member of a hunting team in the American forest. This hunting team has a leader named Captain Andrew Henry.

Hugh is a mainstay member because he has very cool navigation and weaponry knowledge. This movie has a simple storyline but is able to display emotional scenes in it. Moreover, the acting of the actors is also very incredible, so you can sink into the story.

3. 30 Days of Night

This movie is about the story of the struggle of the residents of the city of Barrow, Alaska. They will face blood-sucking creatures that invade the city. In addition, this country will be isolated for a month every winter.

This is because the transportation and communication network was cut off to the United States. The sun also will not appear during this period due to the tilt of the Earth’s axis of rotation. This resulted in the appearance of vampires in the city.

4. Balto

This movie tells the true story of a crossbreed dog struggling to save children from a diphtheria epidemic. What makes Balto different is that he is a Husky and wolf breed. That’s what makes Balto often shunned because he has wolf blood in his body.

This Simon Wells movie gets a pretty good rating from the IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes websites. If you want the drama of the struggle of animals, Balto is the right answer for you. That is why this movie is one of the best movies to watch during winter.

5. Let Me In

Many people often bully Owen, the main character in this movie. Then, he meets a mysterious girl named Abby who moves in the winter. They both are friends because they have difficulty getting friends.

However, since Abby met with Owen, many mysterious things have happened. This movie is an adaptation of the Swedish movie Let the Right One In.

Those are the best movies to watch during winter that you should know. Now, you can enjoy the warmth of your home while watching the best movies. So, Which movie will you watch during winter?