Having a me-time moment is needed for all people. Sometimes, a favorite activity can be an effective healer for reducing stress. Therefore, we need to spend our time doing something interesting for a while. If you have no idea, you may try to watch the series. The previous paragraph will show the 5 best series to binge watch 2020.

1. Future Man

The first best series to binge watch 2020 is the future man. This series is very interesting to watch. In this case, the future man has a light story about daily life. The main character named Josh is a video game lover. One day, he has a duty to save the world from doom. Then, josh adventures start from here.

This movie is quite funny. It provides fiction stories with many surprises inside. Furthermore, the genre is a sci-fi and also classic. However, the future man series can make people interested in them. Thus, you will be one of them who likes to watch the future man.

2. Harley Quinn Cartoon

Even this series is a cartoon, many people still interested in it. Not only teenagers but adults also interested in this series. Harley Quinn series talks about a woman who looses after a breakup. Harley Quinn makes her own way to move on from her boyfriend, Joker. Then, she starts to make a strange adventure together with her best friend, Poison.

3. The Last O.G

If you like a comedy series, it is recommended for you to watch the last O.G. this movie is quite funny as a comedy movie. It shows the daily stories and human habitual. However, this movie always brings a fresh story for each chapter.

There is no reason to decline this movie. it becomes the best comedy movie that you need to watch. It will reduce your stress easily.

4. The Good Fight

The next movie comes from The Good Fight. This movie talks about the life of a lady. Not only the life story of a lady, but the good fight movie also brings a story related to our life. Besides, it is a kind of sad movie. However, the story is fresh and touching. It contains the love and life of people, especially the lady.

5. Insecure

Like the previous series, the Insecure movie is also a kind of touching movie. it talks about the life of a woman, her best friend, and her boyfriend. This movie contains many life problems that come from relationships and friendship. On the other words, you will understand how hard to make a decision between friendship and relationship it is.

Furthermore, the character of The Insecure movie was very talented. She brings wonderful acting as the actress. You will be touched and cry along with the movie.

That is all from the best series to binge watch 2020. You might find and watch another movie as you like. There is a lot of movies that you can watch in 2020 including the previous movie. You may choose and determine your favorite by genre or the actors of the movie.