When talking about the best movie series all the time, mostly it would bias. Some might agree or disagree with the mentioned series. Even with the different opinions from every side, but most would agree with the majority’s choice. Not to mention, some series became the identity of one generation.

Mentioning about the best is ambiguous. Thus, we have to put some indicators to decide whether it’s really the best, or just because the majority said so. Here, we’re going to talk about the best movie series by talking about its effect on the mass. Also, don’t forget about the cinematography and how the plot and storyline goes. Here they are:

1. Star Wars

Who doesn’t know about Star Wars? Most people will agree with putting Star Wars as the top in the list of best movie series all the time. Started in 1977, this franchise has three sets of trilogies and three anthologies – with a total of 9 movies. The reason why we put this series in the top of the list is simply that it runs longer than others.

2. Harry Potter

If Star Wars run in the span of four decades, then Harry Potter is shorter. Originally came in the form of a book series, Harry Potter succeed in its domination every time each movie released. Some even dare to say that the success of the movies surpassed the books. Not to mention, the success of the movies also brought back then amateur young actors became the world stars.

3. The Lord of the Rings

Just like Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings also came from a series of books. But compared to J.K. Rowling, then J.R.R. Tolkien created the Hobbits’ world decades before Rowling created the magical world. Even though it originally an old work when they shoot for the movies in 1998 – 1999, but the work still a set of masterpieces until today. Thus, this series also worth to be on the list of best movie series all the time.

4. Toy Story

Since the three previous series talking about some other worlds, then the next series in this list would bring back to the normal world. Or if you can say that if you think living toys are normal. The Toy Story series made it into this list mostly because of its message. This series is a bittersweet of how we live in this world – getting older and older.

5.  Avengers

Last but not least, we shouldn’t forget about the Avengers – each one of the series. One of the reasons why the series made into the best movie series of all the time list is because it has more than twenty movies under the series. Each one of them always creates a full house in the theater. Also, don’t forget that not everyone who came to watch the movies read the Marvels comic.

Just like what we discussed above, you may or may not agree with this list of best movie series all the time. But we put the series in this best list because of its complexity, such as creating a fictional world. Not to mention, that each of them represents an era. Also, you can consider re-watch the series above since they are still valid and wouldn’t feel like you watch old movies!