If you’re looking for one of the most famous and talented singing competition, then you should try watching The Voice. The Voice is a singing competition that was first held in America but now is available in many countries in the world. As its name, the competition prioritizes the voice of the participants above everything else. Many people from around the world join this competition and go against one another. However, it is interesting that the famous singer auditions for The Voice too in some countries.

famous singer auditions for the voice

This competition is not only for normal people, but artists and top singers can also join the competition. Some of the singers try to join the competition to prove they have the voice. Because as the name, the competition only chooses participants with the best voice. Here are some of the famous singer auditions for The Voice that shocked many people:

1. R. Kelly

The singer tested the judge with the song I can Fly and sang the song with a great start. However, the judges didn’t automatically turn their chairs because they wanted to hear more from the singer. He sang the song for quite a long time until all the judges turned their chair and gave him a standing applause.

2. Maria Carey

This beautiful diva joined the audition in the USA, where she sang her own song All I Want for Christmas is You. As it was her song, she had no difficulty in singing the song and entertained the audience quite great. As for the judges they were all amazed at her voice from the beginning. Therefore, no wonder all the four chairs turned and gave a great reaction to her singing.

3. Rita Ora

The singer participated in the audition in The Voice Germany and sang Your Song. When she started the songs, the judges where quite surprised to hear quite a unique voice. However, they didn’t get tricked and turn their chair just yet. Almost reaching the end of the song, Rita showed her high notes and made all the judges turn their chairs.

4. Jessie J

One of the famous singer auditions for The Voice is Jessie J in The Voice Australia. With her great voice, the singer made a great start from the very beginning of the song. It didn’t take long for all the judges to press their bell and turned their chairs. When they all saw who sang, they were very shocked and happy at the same time to see the singer.

5. Jess Glynne

The singer was in Australia for her tour, so she came to visit The Voice Australia and try the audition. She sang one of her newest songs I’ll be there making all the judges love her songs. There was no concern that all the judges will choose her to be on their team.

So, these are some of the top famous singer auditions for The Voice and they all succeed. Even though they are all prank, they showed that they have the quality to be a singer. And that The Voice really cares about the voice of the singer mostly rather than the appearance.