The Voice is singing competition, where the judges get to hear the voice of a contestant without seeing their faces. The contestant will come in the stage and get around 1 minute to show off their voice. If the judges like their voices, they can turn their chairs and choose their members. However, the contestant also has the chance to choose the judges that have turned their chair. This is usually the funny part of the show because they fight with one another to win the contestant. So, what other funny things happened in the Voice ever?

The Voice itself is entertaining with the contestant’s ability to sing. The contestants are also unique with their voices and characters that are all different. However, the judges of all The Voice are also very humorist and fun to watch. Sometimes their little fight between judges when they go against each other is interesting to see. Or when they do small little mistakes is also very fun to see. To see more, here are the funny things happened in The Voice ever:

1. Popular Singers Auditions

In the show, popular singers came and pretended to audition for the show. However, the judges didn’t know this, and as normal conditions, the singer was normal people. Top singers that came to The Voice are Jessie J, Rita Ora, and even Adam Levine. They all tried to sing and made the judges turn. Like normal contestants, the judges didn’t turn their chairs right away. However, after the chorus, the judges turned their chairs and laughed hardly because they didn’t expect who the contestant was.

2. Guy falls of Stage

One of the funny things happened in The Voice ever happened in The Voice Australia. In this show, the judges were preparing to start the show. They all walked on their way to their chairs when Guy didn’t pay attention to the stairs. He then fell off the stairs and went down the floor. It was a pity for him, but also a funny moment to see by the audience and the judges.

3. Singing Pup

A funny and amazing episode happened in The Voice UK where a pup was able to sing too. One of the contestants that succeeded in turning the judge’s chairs brought her pup with her. With her dog, she shown to the judges that her dog could also sing a high note. So, she started to sing, then the dog will continue with a high note.

4. Boy Contestant with High Notes

An amazing contestant from The Voice Kids succeeded in fooling the judges with his high notes. When the judges heard his voice, they all automatically turned their chairs. However, they didn’t get to see what they wanted because he was closed in curtains. After the song was over, they were shocked because it was a boy with high notes. 

5. Water War

Competing against one another is something normal that happens in The Voice and this is in The Voice Australia. Being angry for Guy because he took a contestant away from the judges, they made a prank for him. They poured water on his chair and didn’t tell him about it. So, when he came he sat on and wet his pants which made the whole studio laugh.

So, these are some of the funny things happened in The Voice ever that you should watch. They are funny, hilarious and entertaining to watch. So, not only is The Voice entertaining, but the attitude and the acts of the judges are interesting too watch.