Boy band is a music group consisting of three or more members. Each member will sing in a different voice to create a beautiful harmony. Apparently the existence of boy bands has existed since several decades ago. Here is a legendary boy band from around the world that has many achievements.

1. Backstreet Boys

This boy band originated from Orlando precisely in the United States. The group known as BSB is the best-selling Boy Band of all time. As a pop or rock genre, Backstreet Boys has the highest album sales of 130 million copies worldwide. This is what made it boom in the late 90s.

In addition there are a number of awards that Backstreet Boys received including platinum, awards, and hits that are always perched on world charts. Boy Band is still a career until now. Some of their hits include Get Down, I’ll Never Break Your Heart, Backstreet’s Back. Other than that As Long As You Love Me, I Want It That Way, Shape of My Heart, The Call, Incomplete.

2. The Jackson 5

The next legendary boy band from around the world is The Jackson 5. The group, also known as The Jackson, is from Indiana-America. This boy band consists of Michael Jackson and 4 of his siblings. The group has been active in the music career for 26 years, from 1964 to 1990.

Jackson 5 recorded album sales of 100 million copies from around the world. In addition this group has released as many as 16 albums. Some of the hit songs from the group that were very popular in 1970 include ‘I’ll Be There, ABC, I Want You Back.

3. New Kids On The Block

The group which is commonly referred to as NKOTB is from Boston-America. Boy Band was present in 1984 and was very successful in the late 80s and early 90s. Although it was disbanded in 1994, NKOTB decided to return to the world of music in 2007.

Then the group released the album again in 2008. Some of the mainstay hits that are quite popular from NKOTB include Step by Step, Please Don’t Go Girl, Hanging Though. Boy Band has managed to sell 80 million copies of the album worldwide.

4. Westlife

This group managed to record album sales of 44 million copies from around the world. This makes it a legendary boy band from around the world.Westlife is a boy band from Ireland-England.This group was formed in 1998 and has had a career for more than 13 years.

Some of Westlife’s mainstay hits are Swear It Again, Flying Without Wings, I Have a Dream, Up Town Girl, Mandy, World of Our Own, Qween of My Heart. This makes Westlife has issued as many as 11 albums. In addition, their hits entitled Swear It Again managed to occupy position 20 on the Billboard Hot 200.

5. Take That

The group from the UK was formed in 1990. Take That is a group with the genre of pop or rock that managed to produce 6 albums. Initially this group consisted of 5 people, but in 1995 one of its members decided to leave.But in 2010, the members returned to make the album “Progress”.

The album was welcomed quite well by his lovers and became the second fastest selling album in the UK. Some of the hits that are quite popular from Take That include Back for Good, Sure, Never Forget, Everything, Changes, How Deep is Your Love.

That’s part of the legendary boy band from around the world. There are still other legendary boy bands that do not lose to the above groups. Some other legendary boy bands include Boys to Men, The Monkees, Bay City Rollers and many more.