There are many serial TV these days that are great to watch. But sometimes people just want to remember the old days by watching the old and famous series in the past. The stories they used to tell are simple, but the humor and character of the things people love. Some of the most famous series of all the time is even still watched by people these days.

If you are searching for some good and famous series, try to rewind the time. There are many famous series in the past that is famous for its stories. If you have been living in the 90’s the Cosby show is sure one of the options. Or for those who want a more modern story can watch Friends. Don’t worry, here is a list of the most famous series of all the time that you must watch:

1. Everybody Loves Raymond

For those who used to live in the year 2000, will surely know the series called Everybody Loves Raymond. This is a series that tells and shows the life of a man named Ray Barone and his family. In the story, Raymond is a sports writer that loves his family very much even though they are unique. At some point in the story, his family made him crazy because of their decisions and acts. With a simple and humor touch in the series, the show was loved by more than 20 million viewers.

2. The Cosby Show

Throwing back to the beginning if 1990, The Cosby was one of the most famous series of all the time. The series ended up in 1992 after going for eight seasons. All the seasons got high viewers, however the final series especially the final episode got the most view. The series shows the daily life of the Cosby’s who have 4 children. The problem they face is like normal problems people face now, kids growing up and financial issues. However, what makes the show attractive is how they show their humor side in the family.

3. Friends

Teenagers who lived at the beginning of 2000, will all know the series Friends. Just like its name, the series is about a couple of friends who are living their life like normal adults. They face finance issues, love problems and have fights with each other. The simple and loving characters in the series have made people love the people and the series too. After 10 seasons of running, Friends finally wrapped up the series and was watched by 52.5 million people.

4. Cheers

The main story of Cheers is almost the same as Friends, however, this is an older version of it. The series also tells the life of a group of people that lives together. They face various problems together making them stronger even after some fights. Even though Friends was a big hit in 2000, Cheers was still a bigger hit. The final episode in 1993 was watched more than 80 million people and is still remembered until today.

5. M*A*S*H

One of the most popular and watched series that even beaten the Super Bowl on that year was M*A*S*H. This is a war-comedy show that three army doctors and how they live where. Even though they had to participate in a war, they were just like normal people. They have a family, friends and a normal life like other people but they must join the war as a doctor. The story in each episode makes people wonder how their life will continue next. In their final session, their episode was watched by more than 100 million people.

Most of these series are quite old and are hard to find. However, if you are lucky you may still find some of the most famous series of all the time online. Some are also available on CD, so if you want to re-watch them, you must buy their CD.