From time to time there are some TV series that receive so much popularity among the people. Well made stories, the right actors and actresses make these series leave a strong impression in people’s memory. Unfortunately, usually, these series aired back then and had already ended. Because of that, some directors want to repeat the glory of these series, and then produce a remake of these stories. And so, here is some popular series with remakes.

popular series with remakes

1. The Baby-Sitters Club

The Baby-Sitters Club is one of the popular series with remakes. The first time this aired is in 1990 with 13 episodes. There is also a movie about this series in 1995. And so, to bring out the glory of Possibility: The Baby-Sitters Club series, a remake will be made. However, the remake will not have a setting like the original.

It will take the current modern setting with all the modern issues. So, if you want to watch how this iconic group of girlfriends faces the problem once more, just watch this series.

2. High Fidelity

Romance drama always has a place in the people’s heart. And so, High Fidelity. The first time this series aired is in 2000. The story tells about a man who can’t understand women. That’s why he always dumped by his girlfriends. And so, as he works in a record store, he learns about love and a woman.

He is also doing his best at the music which he loves so much. Because of its popularity, there is a talk that High Fidelity will have a remake though the exact date has not released yet.

3. The Bad Seed

In 2018, a horror drama film is made. It is the Bad Seed. However, this drama series is actually the remake version.  The drama follows the story about a widowed father who helps his daughter in the incident where her classmate drowns at school. In the beginning, he thinks that his daughter is just an ordinary girl. But, as the number of dead people around her increases, the father suspects that maybe his daughter is the one who killed them all.

When this remake drama air in 2018 there were 1.87 million viewers. This number makes it the top ten most-watched cable program at that time.

4. Dynasty

One of the series that get a remake is Dynasty. The original story aired a long time ago in 1982-1989. And then in 2018 this series revived.

The story of Dynasty is about a girl named Fallon who thinks that she will inherit her father’s company. But the reality is really cruel. When her father summoned her, he doesn’t announce that she becomes his heir. He instead introduces a woman, Cristall who will be Fallon’s stepmother. And so, Fallon tries to make Cristal understand that she doesn’t belong.

The remake series is proven to be successful. Many people watch them because they want to feel nostalgic in the story. However popular series with remakes sometimes got criticized as the remake does not fulfill the hope of their fans. One can say that the remake series is high risk and high return work.