For movie lovers, watching movies is one of the interesting things to do. Moreover, now, many kinds of movie genres that provide by all movies producer. One of the most wanted and famous genres of the movie is a romance movie. Besides, romance movies also have many kinds of plots that are interesting to see. Are you curious about the best romance movies of all time? Then, here are 5 recommendations of romance movies that have a nice story and plot.

1. Titanic in 1998

If you ask about the most famous with a nice story of the romantic movie all the time, the answer may be Titanic. Titanic is a legendary movie that is shown in 1998. Many people say that they like how the way this movie tells them about the story of Rose and Jack’s love story in the big and luxury ship named Titanic.

Rose and jack is the main character of a titanic movie that has a wonderful love story on the Titanic. However, rose and jack doesn’t have a happy love story. Instead, they have a tragic love story that breaks by Titanic tragedy. Hence, many people are touched while watching this movie.

2.  The Big Sick In 2017

Another tragic and interesting romance movie is the big sick. Different from the Titanic which has a Titanic ship as the main background, the big sick take the hospital as the movie’s background. It tells about the tragic love story of a couple with bad conditions. Both of them are comas in a hospital. Besides, they become closer along the time they get a coma. Their love story totally touches many people’s hearts. It has a nice character and also a nice story.

3. Moonstruck in 1987

The third best romance movies of all time are moonstruck in 1987. Except for the previous movies, moonstruck also become the best movie which is able to touch the heart of people. this movie is a kind of Italian and American combination which is set in New York. Besides, this movie also exists and become famous because of the actor, Nicholas Cage, and Char, which make people interested in watching this movie.

4. Call Me By Your Name in 2017

Different from the previous movies’ plot, ‘call me by your name’ movie tells an interesting and touching story about first love. We all know how beautiful the first love is. Indeed, all of the beautiful and sad sides of the love story provides in this movie. Hence, many people that watched this movie feel like they are back to the time while they feel first love. However, almost the same as other love stories that have trouble this movie ends with a sad ending.

5. Silver Linings Playbook in 2012

We all know about how nice the love story is. Also, every people, of course, have different interest and love story. Hence, all nice and fun story is included in this movie. Silver linings playbook movie tells about the love story of flawed people that contains comedy and romantic story.

Those are the five recommendations of best romance movies of all time. You may not say that you are movie lovers if you haven’t watched them yet.