A good movie is not only based on the story plot of the movie. But what makes a good movie is also the actors and actresses of the movie that makes it interesting. If a senior actor is good at acting it is normal. But how about child actors that can play their role well and making the film famous? Well, some of the top movies until now have kid actors as their main actors in the movies. Most child actors that famous for their characters are still even active in the movie world. 

child actors that famous for their characters

Some of the top child actors that famous for their characters have made movies become a best-seller. With their ability in acting they have made people enjoy the movie with their characters. Some of the top movies that have child actors were Harry Potter, Home Alone and many more. So, who are the top child actors in that are famous even until know?

1. Macaulay Culkin 

Those who loved to watch movies at the end of 2000 will sure know the movie Home Alone. A movie that will always air on Christmas is famous even today. The main actor in the movie is Macaulay Culkin who is now 37 years old. However, when the movie was aired he was just a child but able to play his role quite well. He played in all the three movies of Home Alone and made a huge success from the movie. 

2. Jonathan Lipnicki

Remember the little boy in Jerry Maguire movie that was very cute and amazing? Well, at that time Jonathan Lipnicki succeeds in playing his role as a very adorable little boy. This was one of his first roles but made him very famous. And since this movie, he became very famous and played in many movies. 

3. Olsen Twins

Child actors that famous for their characters are the Olsen twins. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were one of the top actresses in Hollywood and played in many movies. All their movies are famous and favorite of all girls in the world. Even though they do not play in movies anymore, their movies are still memorable.

4. Daniel Radcliffe

Another kid that is famous for its character in one of the most popular movie is Daniel Radcliffe. His role as Harry Potter in the movie Harry Potter made Daniel one of the talented kids in the world. He played in all the Harry Potter series and they were all a big success. Until today, Daniel is still active in acting for movies and tv series. 

5. Lindsay Lohan

The young Lindsay Lohan was also a child actor that played in many roles in movies. Her ability in acting made her lovable and making the story interesting. Therefore, almost all her movies became a big hit in Hollywood. Even though she is now not as active as before, she is still in the Hollywood world. 

So, these are some of the top child actors that famous for their characters in movies. Because of these children, the movie became a big success too. Even though some of the actors do not play in movies anymore they are still active in the world of the movie. So, who knows one day they will make a comeback and play in movies again.