Bored with the regular shows on tv that are just the same every day? If so, then maybe it is time for you to subscribe to a paid application rather than just regular tv. One of the top paid apps where people can watch many kinds of shows and movies is Amazon Prime. You can see some of the best shows on Amazon Prime originals that are not available in other channels on tv.

Amazon provides access to many kinds of videos from around the world. So, after downloading the app people can watch top movies from around the world and top serial shows on television. Even though the app is not as completed as other apps, it is still an app to concern. Especially because they have their own original shows that are worth to watch. Here are some of the best shows on Amazon Prime originals that you should watch:

1. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

One of the best shows on Amazon Prime originals is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel series. It is about a woman that decided to be a comedian after her husband left her. She showed to her husband that she can work hard as a comedian and be successful. Therefore, in this movie, you will see a lot of drama and comedy at the same time. This serial is now available in 2 seasons and the third one is coming soon too.

2. The Man in the High Castle

This serial is based on a classic novel by Phillip Dick that tells the tale about several characters that are in this alternate world. These characters then find movies about world war II that shows the US winning. So, overall it is a bit if flashback about the history of how world war II was in the past. The series is now available in three seasons, and you can watch them only on Amazon Prime original.

3. The Expanse

Amazon is improving their original program by extending The Expanse serial on their app. This serial used to be air on the SyFy cable channel but now is available only on Amazon. Overall this story takes place in the future where life is not only on earth but also on Mars. The series has not only an interesting story and plot but the visual and effect are also great. Making people feel like they are really in the future world.

4. Bosch

If you are looking for a crime show that needs you to think, then Bosch is a show that you must watch. Some of the series are based on the original Bosch books, where there is a mystery in each scene. However, in some shows the plots are a bit slow, making it like people are reading a book. But overall the series is worth to watch as it has many great mystery stories that will make you curious.

5. The Grand Tour

Like to see new and modern cars that you might even haven’t heard of before? If so, then check out The Grand Tour Show where you can see many kinds of new modern cars. The show is hosted by three people that travel around using many kinds of vehicles to test drive. It is a great show not only for those who love cars because it is just entertaining.

Even though Amazon Prime is not as complete as other apps, but there are many shows that you can enjoy. Some of the best shows on Amazon Prime Originals even won awards for its stories and actors. So, if you want to watch something new and different try watching some of their shows on their apps.