Who doesn’t know the Oscar award that is given every year to the film industry? In this award, actors, actress, and even singers are all waiting to see who the best from the best are. Usually, people will pay attention to the senior players only, whereas there are many talented young ones. This can be seen by the number of the youngest Oscar winners these past years. Not only are they young, but they are also talented in so many ways. 

Some of the youngest Oscar winners are from all category from actress to music player. They play an important role in the film which makes the film a success. Therefore, some of the youngest Oscar winners should be known for their hard work. Here are some of the young winners of all time:

1. Adrian Brody

His play in the film The Pianist was great making people praise his role. In this film he had to play a Jewish man that can play the piano. What made people remember him is the creepy kiss with Halle Berry. It was creepy but his effort in making it creepy was another praise for him. Not only that, he went all over by learning how to play the piano. He also lost the amount of weight to focus on his role. 

2. Marlee Matlin

She is one of the youngest Oscar winners until today in the year 2019. She was only 21 when she brought home the Oscars in 1986. But what made her the real winner is her ability in acting even though she is deaf. In the film Children of a Lesser Gold, she was a deaf student that fell in love with one of her teachers. Her acting and connection to the other player seem real making people believe in them. 

3. Tatum O’Neal

Supporting actors also plays an important role in making the film success. And this is what Tatum O’Neal win his first Oscar when he was young. He is the youngest Oscar winner from all categories there is until today. In that year, he was only 14 years old, so people can imagine how great he was. 

4. Mary Badham

For those who know the famous film To Kill a Mockingbird sure knows Mary Badham. She is a supporting actress in this film making her one of the youngest nominations. Even though she did not win the Oscar but many people still praised her role in the film. 

5. Abigail Breslin

Playing many big roles made her famous and seen by many procedures. Finally, after some few big roles, she won the Oscars for the best-supporting actress. She won this role after playing brilliant in the Little Miss Sunshine. 

So, not only the elderly that have great abilities in acting and making movies. Many young actresses and actresses have proven their skills and won the Oscars. Some of the youngest Oscar winners are even still contributing until today. So, we will see more of their play in the upcoming movies in the future.